Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day!!!!!!!

I've been doing much better. Didn't call him at all yesterday which I'm very proud of myself for. I don't know if I can be his friend because we said some pretty nasty things the day before. He apologized, but I still don't know if I can be his friend now. But anyway, TODAY IS NOT ABOUT ME.

TODAYYYY is Obama's Inaguration!!!!!! I'm so happy!!! Too bad I won't be able to see most of it since it's my first day of school today... I have a 12 hour school day!!! I'm there from 9:30 am-8:40 pm! On Thursdays, I have 8 hour days. I think I might drop the only class I have on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday cuz it's in the middle of the day and blocks out all hope of having enough hours to be able to work.



Vanessa M. said...

your getting better and better :) love ya!

Grayburn said...

That's so good to hear :) Keep it up, many good things will come your way!

x Grayburn