Saturday, June 7, 2008


Okay, so that Forever 21 bra that I bought? TOTALLY worth $4.50.

FINALLY, I received my Cherry Culture haul today! I LOVE the NYX round lippies! They're SO creamy and smooth and I totally wasn't expecting that. I'm so freakin glad that none of the stuff I ordered was out of stock! I'd hate it if I had to wait for another shipment. The shipping time was alright... A little slow if you ask me... It took them 3 days to process my order not including the weekends (on their website it says 2 business days usually at max), so really like 5 days to process... But it only took 2 days to ship since we're in the same state. They knew I was waiting, so they took it upon themselves to torture me! J/k lol.

Anywho, this is what I got! (Not in any particular order)

Round Lipsticks:
Sun Flower
Tea Rose
Frosted Flakes
Iced Latte
Earth Angel

Long Lip Liners:
Plush Red

Megashine Lipglosses:
French Kiss

Light Brown

Rouge Cream Blush in Natural

I'll do some swatches in a little bit!


nywele said...

beautiful haul!! Where/how do you organize/keep your makeup?
everything would fit in a palette but now i am thinking of getting bins....

Ahleessa said...

Wow! That's a lot of lipsticks but then again NYX is a wonderful product. I hope you do swatches or show it on your lips.

Lily said...

Ahleessa: Yes, of course I will! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice haul!!!!!!!! oh and i know what you're saying about having nails and getting the tendertones under your nails! that's why i hate dipping my fingers into the pot and will never buy another one of those! lol.

Anonymous said...

yep yep. my contest will end on the 19th =) you will probably have to trim the sketch paper to fit your printer. mine was a little bit too big and didn't go through! lol. so i just used regular paper! it might go through on yours. i think it just depends on your printer settings. regular paper will work. you just have to apply eyeshadow a few times to get it on, but it works! lol

Katrina said...

I love NYX lipsticks too, I just got Tea Rose the other day and I adore it.

I'm liking the F21 bra too. I was going to order a bunch more but they don't have my size in ANY colors now. I'll have to wait ages before they restock.

Katrina said...

My store use to have lingerie but I haven't seen any there for a pretty long time, don't really know why.

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Great NYX haul! How are their eyeliners?

ladyjane said...

That's an impressive haul. Thanks for the swatches girl :)