Friday, June 13, 2008


Did you guys all hear about the earthquake in Japan? It just happened like... right now... It's 7.0 on the scale and it was 500 km north from Tokyo. My aunt, uncle, and cousins are in Japan right now on vacation. They've been there for the past 4 days. I hope they're okay!! and I hope FlyMamaL is okay! I know she's in Japan right now too. Anywho, I'll continue to pray for them. I don't know where my fam is vacationing in Japan, but I sent my cousin a message on facebook. Hopefully he checks it!

I know there was a tornado in Iowa recently too. My sympathy goes out to the family of the four boy scouts that passed away and everyone who lost their homes. It's always so surreal to hear about these things and you always think that those kinds of things could never happen to you, but they do and they just take you by surprise and kick you in the ass.

Anyway, my stuff arrived from Beauty Crunch, Joppa, & Everyday Minerals so I'll start posting about those soon.


nywele said...

oh my god! I hope your family is safe and sound!!
Earthquakes are so scary since you have no control!!
I hope you will get some reassuring news soon...


Gosh I hope everyone's ok!

Alyssa said...

I didn't know about the earthquake in Japan. It sure tells me I don't want enough news, but then again I try not to because they only talk about sad things. The people in Japan are in my thoughts and prayer!