Friday, May 30, 2008

Unexciting post, lol

I've been super busy lately, but I still wanted to post. I'm finally done with school! My last final was today. It was a chemistry final that I didn't even study for. Whoops! But I knew I'd do just fine on it and I did! Chemistry is actually one of my favorite subjects. (What a nerd!) It was my physics final that I didn't do so well on.

Work has been so incredibly hectic as well. I feel like I'm working non-stop, but I'm not really... Haha. We're going on a work field trip tomorrow to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see the fishies! It's a two hour drive away though. I've never been there, but we'll see how it compares to my work. (The California Academy of Sciences!)

Also about cutting my credit card in half--it did not work, lol. Well it worked in terms of not being able to physically swipe it, but it didn't work for online purchases! I still have the number so I did go and order that Cherry Culture haul after all :( I bought $40 worth of stuff to get free shipping lol. I Swear, if you want me to buy something, just tack on some free shipping and I'm all over it. Why the hell do I have to be so easily marketed to? Lol. I SWEAR I'm going to stop until next month though no matter how tempting Christiana's swatches of the Simply Naturals pigments look.

I've also been really addicted to Madeleines lately. You know, those French cookies. The packaging says "Made with 100% butter" and I don't know if that's supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing. HAHA.


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nywele said...

I looooove madeleines!
Yes there are not figure friendly but with some hot chocolate or coffee...LAAAAAWD HAVE MERCY!!