Saturday, May 31, 2008


I went for a bright look today! I thought it looked great for not wearing bright colors often. I wasn't able to take any pictures this morning so I just took some at the end of the day. I really need to work on how to focus my camera so that it can take some good close up eye photos. Sorry these are a little blurry.

I've also noticed that shadesticks make my eye shadow crease! It never usually happens to me since I have monolids, but my lids creased today. (They crease when I don't get enough sleep or I'm tired/stressed out). I barely noticed the eye shadowing creasing until I took a close look though.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Liquid Foundation
MAC Light Flush MSF

Base: Bei-jing Shadestick
All Over Lid: Ben Nye Tangerine e/s
Mid Lid: MAC Cranberry e/s
Crease: Ben Nye Azalea e/s
Highlight: Bei-jing Shadestick
Upperlash Line: Blacktrack Fluidline
Lashes: Clinique High Impact Mascara

Bonus Beat l/g


Anonymous said...

so cute. it makes your eyes pop w/o being tooooooo overwhelming! cute summer look!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love that orangey color! This reminds me of sorbet... mmm... so yummy! Hehe, dammit. Now I'm tempting myself. Look at what you did! :P

Anonymous said...

join join join!!! i'm doing my 4th contest. lol. i couldn't help it! so start practicing on your face chart and submit it to me =) check out my blog for the prize and details.

missxxmai said...

i like! i have the same problem with taking the eye picture. i think that's what stops me from even taking the picture to post, but eventually i will get a hang of it! cute picture of you and the boyfriend =)

and i can't wait to see what you got from =) i'm tempted to order some more. ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ooooooh, the face chart is fun! i saw sketch paper at the store but didn't buy any. i think i will buy that since it's paper artists draw on. it's a little textured and i think it would hold color better. regular printing paper works but is really smooth. but it still works!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think there is someone above her but i'm not sure what her name is. i will have to look into that. cyndi doesn't even know what's going on. i called one day and asked when acceptance letters would come out and she was like, "oh...i don't know." so then i called back another day and she was like, "sometime in july." but last year they found out early june. i wonder if she knows what she's talking about. there are some lvn students that are transitioning to the rn program and she told them they'd find out in april. well, hell...they found out in march! so i'm like, "wth?" i'm so tired of her shit! seriously! i'm scared that i'll be an alternate and i'll end up telling her some crap and then she'll blackball me and be like, "oh, no one dropped out so you're still on the waiting list." if i'm on the alternate list, i'll be upset! my friend was number 7 but got in after all these ppl dropped out and decided not to enter the program. i'm gonna call monday and ask for sure when the letter will come out. then i'm gonna be checking my mail like crazy!!!!!!!! and you know what else sucks? this girl was taking a&p 2 with me and she found out in november that she got accepted for the fall semester. well, since she got accepted, she DROPPED out of a&p 2 and didn't even finish it. cyndi is so stupid that she didn't even notice that. that girl is dumb. if they ever find out, she's gonna have to take that class and that's the lab AND lecture. she's not gonna be able to balance that with her nursing classes. i can't believe cyndi didn't see that.

nywele said...

very beautiful! bonus beat looks great on you...

Ahleessa said...

You don't look like you have a mono-lid. I wouldn't have guessed that because your eyes look big! :)

I actually like the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. It curled the ends really well, but it's so uncomfortable to use because it's so small. But then again, I've heard some people don't like it. I guess it's a hit or a miss depending on the person.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

aww... very cute look! :) the colors are so summery. :D i understand how you feel about taking pictures. it took me a LONG LONG time of practicing and playing to figure out what works. LOL. To be honest, every so often I still learn something new. LOL. :)