Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yay!!!! They finally came! I pre-ordered these back in the end of May and now they're mine! Woohoo! I was so surprised when the mailman delivered them cuz I wasn't expecting them so soon. I guess the mail people are working super fast.

A guide on how to use each brush

My beautiful brushes! They are now available here. You don't have to pre-order and wait because they're in stock! It's $64 for the kit without the brush roll and $79 with the brush roll. I got it without the brush roll since I have so many already. It essentially comes down to $5-$6/brush. Good deal, no?

They also included a freebie.

Swatches of the ELF eyeshadow. Not bad for a product that only costs $1.


Christine said...

oo! the brushes look nice!

Mac It Pink said...

Wow not a bad deal for all those brushes!! I LOVE ElF shadows. They're such a good deal for the price.



Edna said...

Amazing brushes. Are those the MAC dupes? I should get a set for my sister ! (so she'll stop using mine!)

Nanzy said...

Awesome, I've heard abt them a lot recently...please review them k? Enjoy~

Mrs.Zeus said...

That is a GREAT deal!!!

How do you feel about those E.L.F e/s?

Lily said...

Anne: the elf eyeshadows aren't bad.. they're pretty pigmented for only $1. the black eyeshadow took forever to wash off my hand though after swatching it... even with soap and water!

Edna: yeah, they're the mac dupes. I haven't had a chance to fully test them out yet though... lol.

Ai said...

those brushes look promising :D i'm waiting for the review yaaay! thank youuu :)

Ladyjaysfc said...

hey love. hows the texture/softness of the brushes? :)i need new brushes. hehe