Friday, June 26, 2009


So sorry! I've been busy up the yin yang. My aunt, uncle, & cousins are visiting from Philadelphia today so I'm being kicked out of my room.. Lol.

I went to Target yesterday with my bff. I picked up some Palmer's cocoa butter for some stretch marks I have... I hope it works. Why do they have to have a picture of a pregnant lady on the bottle? That just makes me feel bad lol. I also picked up some sunscreen for the face because I've recently learned that my cheeks burn REAL fast.. and I got some more face wipes because they're awesome. Only $3.34 for a pack of 30.

Sorry there are no photos. I have yet to steal the pictures from the trip from our work camera.

I just bought a new iPhone case since the one I bought from the apple store is PEELING already! I've only had it for 5 days!! I'm going to return that one. This is the one I bought. I got it here. BLING!

I've been addicted to this iPhone app called Puri! lately. You can draw all over your pictures and turn them into sticky pics justl ike the picture machines!


Edna said...

I hope you get your room back soon. It seems like it's common for us to lose our rooms when relatives come and visit, huh?

The crystals around the screen of the iPhone is so cute!! I'd do that to my phone, but it'll just end up on my screen protector!

When you mentioned the pica app, I immediately grabbed my phone and installed it :) Thanks for the mention, now I can have fun and play with my pictures!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Ohhh I can feel you with the fam being over, our house is such a mess for the whole 2 weeks now since everybody is over for the summer break.

I have the same app but Im not as creative as you on doodling on a pic.

Great JOB!

Vanessa M. said...


Anonymous said...

wow, the app seems cool!