Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smell me.

I did something naughty. I bought bath goodies!! This is the first time I've ordered bath stuff online. I've been making use of my Philosophy 3-1 bottles for the longest time cuz quite frankly, I'm trying to get rid of them. I went a little nuts about a year ago and bought WAAAY too many bottles for my own good. You wouldn't think the bottles last for so long even though you hope they do since they cost $16/bottle until it gets to the point where you just want to finish using them up already LOL. But I found this great website Bauble Bath and I couldn't resist. I think some of their products were in the Pretty Pink Boxes... I never got a chance to order one so I'm checking out the retailer for myself.

I ordered the Bauble Surprise which comes with a variety of bath bombs, cocoa melts, body scrubs, and samples.

I also got the Body Scrub Sampler because I didn't know which scrub to choose. It comes with 5 different 3 oz scrubs. Can you tell I'm trying to make up for the Pretty Pink Box?? Everything I got was a sampler!

The only real downer for me was the shipping, but I guess scrubs, bombs, and all that jazz can get pretty heavy. Shipping is $9, but I hope it's worth it.


Belle Du Jour said...

Come stop by my blog and say hello and have a look around. Hope to see you around soon!

xx Belle

Pop Champagne said...

wow those look delicious to have in bath tub! So colorful and I bet they smell amazing!

kae said...

thank you! mine are perscription! and if you have two different degrees you can order them as one pair too. i got them through mesmerized eyes =]

kylie said...

yay.. cant wait to see what u got!

Audrie said...

can't wait to see your haul! I love bath goodies too :D

Amina said...

girl, you know i am already addicted to bath goodies, so i have to check these out!! enjoy them :)