Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bought some summery clothes

I've been doing such a good job at saving money that I decided to let myself buy a few things cuz I haven't bought clothes in a while. I'm surprised that I actually picked out some clothes with color cuz I've been sticking to more black/white/gray/brown neutral colors lately.. But summer is right around the corner!

Crochet Ruffle Knit Top $13.80

Emilia Knit Top $14.80

Liza Ruffle Front Top $17.80

I also bought a really cute dress for about $10, but it isn't on the website yet. The boyfriend signed me up for the gym under his account since I used to bug him about taking me. We just started working out and I'm SO exhausted when we get home from the gym!! It's hard work! But hopefully at least I'll be somewhat more fit little by little. Slow and steady wins the race?


fuzkittie said...

I like the tanks! Very nice~ The yellow one is cuuute!

Anonymous said...

I think the shirts are really pretty... I love the ruffles and the colours!

I'm also wearing really boring clothes lately (consisting of neutral colours).

You are right, I should go looking for some pieces that are more colourful! :)

Mrs.Zeus said...

Great job at saving!!!
they all look comfy for summer, my fave is the white one. Where did you purchased it? Oh, and good luck on workin out! Im so proud of you and yep! little by little is fine!
Baby steps are awesome rather done not doin it all.

Well done!

Lily said...

i bought them from the forever 21 website. the link is underneath the picture :)

Violet Honeybee said...

ohh ruffles~ I can't pull off ruffles for the life of me.. I seem to have an aversion for pretty things o.o

Neeyuh said...

Pretty tops, I really like the yellow one!

Nanzy said...

how cute!!!! I actually like them all heheeh