Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today is the day everything negative gets cut out of my life. BURRRRRNNNNN baby, burn.

Kay, well I finally got my Eyeko stuff. Well I got it a while ago actually... I guess my first package got lost in the mail, but they were nice enough to send me another one. I got the two 3-1 creams. I like using them for contouring on the days where I don't feel like using my MAC sculpt and shape and it works just as good. I put it over foundation and it stays relatively put for a good few hours. Sometimes I also put this on my face just to enhance it when I don't feel like putting foundation on. It's pretty cheap (about $7-8 USD) and the tub will definitely last a long time. I'm still using the part of the cream that's stuck to the top of the lid lol.

Don't forget to put in code E165 for a free full sized gift with your order :)


Amina said...

it's very creamy!!!

sanniet said...

yay! no more bad stuff! ohhh those creams are interesting...I just hate the fact that it seems like they take forever to ship? That is relatively cheap though! How was the shipping? take care girl <3

Shen said...

i'm so jealous. i only have the light one for highlighting. i definitely need the darker one for contouring. :) i'm so glad the rainy days are over for you. :)

Vanessa M. said...

your back! :)

Ahleessa said...

I'm glad you're removing the negativeness in your life!... hehe~ Welcome back! :)

Lily said...

yay thanks guys!

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

finally it came! lol! those are very nice, I may have to buy those. :)

J o l i n e said...


May i check with you which email address did you enquire for eyeko package status? Coz i've been waiting for about 3 weeks for my package but till now it has not reach me yet. Getting very worried for lost mail now. :(

Hopefully you can provide some help here.
Many many thanks!


Lily said...

hi joline, i didn't know how else to contact you besides replying back to this post. the email address i used to contact eyeko is

i contacted them and they told me my package was shipped out and that if i didn't get it within a week to email them back.. and i never did get it so i emailed them and they sent me a new package which i received shortly after. hope that helps!

J o l i n e said...

Hi Lily,

Thanks a lot for replying me. Greatly appreciated that! :)

I tried emailing them at twice, but no replies from them. :(

How long did they take to response to you?


Lily said...

they usually emailed me back the day after.. the longest it took for them to reply was about 4 days. maybe you should try emailing them again?