Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shoes <3

I love these boots from Bakers! I want to order them online since they're having a 25% off deal, but I need to try them on in the store first to see if they fit. I have a fitting problem with knee high boots and sometimes mid-calf boots cuz I'm short and I have thick calves.

I also really like these sandals! But they're $188!! I originally wanted them in brown, but they're all sold out in that color so maybe I'll settle for black. Do you think it's worth $188?


AnneNguyen said...

those boots r cute!! i think if u were to get a speedy u should get the damier canvas.. their prettier LOL just my opinion ;)

Mrs.Zeus said...

WOW, those sandals are FIERCE!
I would get 'em in brown if so...