Sunday, December 28, 2008

Help me decide...

I can't decide between these two. I like the first one more because it has more straps and is a bit simpler, but it's also 10x more expensive.


Maud Dylan Sandal


Adelia Peep Toe Flat


Amina said...

i really like the second one..
i loove flats :)

Vanessa M. said...

i hate to say but #1 lol

Steff said...

the second one looks a lot more comfortable... or maybe it's just because i'm a cheapo! lol.

Digital Angel said...

Hmmm I really like 1st shoes, but I would get 2nd shoes and get more makeup lol haha

fuzkittie said...

Hmm tough one!! I go with 2!

Jules said...

Hi! Let's see...I really like the first one because it looks very comfy but the price compared to the second one is way too steep for my budget. However, the second one might have been the perfect choice but from the way the design looks with those ridges on the sides...well it looks like something that could hurt after some time. So if you ask me, sacrificing comfort over money...hmmm..I'd definitely pick COMFORT! lol It's not going to be worth buying if it's something you will only wear once cause its uncomfortable. Then again, I'm not 100% sure that it would be uncomfortable, I'm just basing it on the picture. I suggest that if you can try it out in person then definitely do that first. Oops I said too much. Lol. Good luck! Hope you choose the right one. =D

Grayburn said...

Ah oh I have to vote for the 1st too! Sorry :P The straps really make it foot-sexy :)

I am wondering if you might be interested in participating in Favorite Things 2008 (some details on my site..)?

x Grayburn

Grayburn said...

That's great that you'll be joining in for Favorite Things '08! I'm wondering if you could email me your email address so that I can send you some details?

Can't wait to see what'll be on your list!


Steff said...

Thank you! I used to hate pressing pigments because I was so bad at it and everything got so messy, but now it's a good time killer for when I'm bored =P