Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another little haul :)

I got a case of boredom yesterday so I went to the mall and stopped by the MAC counter! Lol. I realize I never posted a swatch of the Artifact paint pot so here it is. Artifact reminds me a lot of MAC's Cranberry e/s and NYX's Copper e/s. Next to it is Girl Friendly p/p. I was surprised that the counter still had these! I thought they were LE so I had to pick one up :D I also got Satellite Dreams e/s, Romp e/s, and a Penny shadestick.

I don't know why at the MAC counter, the Penny shadestick reminded me a lot of the Rubenesque p/p only it's more bronzy. It must've been the lighting lol. Rubenesque seems to have more of a duochrome goldish pink color and Penny is more bronzy. It's really pretty though and the picture does it no justice! Lol.

Swatches of Romp (L) & Satellite Dreams (R)

Swatches of Romp compared to other brown/golds
L to R: Amber Lights, Romp, Woodwinked, Mulch

Swatches of Satellite Dreams compared to other purples
L to R: Satellite Dreams, Beautiful Iris, Nocturnelle


Erica said...

ooo i love your haul =] you really into paint pots now lol

Digital Angel said...

Wow I love the very last picture swatches. I like all of them especially Satellite Dreams. They can be good combination colors :)

Askmewhats said...

I love the purples! i love ROMP too! Thanks for sharing your haul

farrah said...

i love love love your purples!

Alyssa said...

The Girl Friendly paint pot looks like Painterly from your swatch. It's hard to tell with pictures sometimes. I'm loving all your eyeshadows! :)

vivian said...

ooh yeah, i found out about that yesterday. So sad. Last year one of their gymnastic coaches got banned from coaching cause she beat her players for losing.

Romp is such a pretty color! I've been eyeing satellite dreams for a while .. but im holding off cause of all these collections coming out x_X

Amina said...

great haul! we must have be twins in another life because i own most of the colours you mentionned and the ones i don't have are in my wishlist :)

cheeeezie said...

the Penny shadestick looks SO gorgeous, i want one! i heard they're discontinuing shadesticks.. do you know if it's for real? =\