Monday, July 14, 2008

NYX round l/g

The first two in the swatch are shimmery and the last one, Mauve, has no shimmer in it. I think these l/g are gorgeous! And they were only $2.50 each! They look smaller than the Megashine Lipglosses though, but they are also cheaper. My favorite is Ballerina Pink :) The only weird thing about these lipglosses is that they are scented like lemon Lysol or some kind of lemon household cleaning spray. I guess it's not THAT bad, but just the thought of that smell on my lips is a little nauseating... Haha!

Random P.S. -- So I pre-ordered a brush set and a lipstick from Nordstrom's Colour Forms collection that hasn't come out yet and I gave them my credit card number to hold and all that jazz (I did this in the store) and I was expecting to pay for it THAT DAY when I pre-ordered it cuz I thought that's how it works and all... But the MA said I didn't have to pay for it today so I was kinda surprised about that, but she did take my credit card number to hold the order and she told me to come back on the 18th to pick them up (and I guess pay for them too), but they charged my card TODAY the 13th. I had NO IDEA that they were going to. I just wish they would've told me cuz it feels so unauthorized. Lol. And I was thinking of canceling that order since I realized that I really don't need anymore of the same brushes. I don't know why they decided to charge me today. It's not like I ordered online or anything cuz then I'd already have paid for it. It's not like it comes out today for them to charge me today and I can go pick it up today. If they're going to charge me, they should've charged me when I made the pre-order. Boooooooo!

And I totally don't feel like going to work tomorrow! Or rather, today since it's midnight. I don't want to go to sleep, but I'm so tired! GAH. We have "trainings" every Monday and they NEVER stop. EVER. I've been working there for 4 years and I've had trainings on Mondays ever since lol. They're more like meetings where guest speakers come and talk for 3 whole hours!! That's longer than any lecture class I've ever had. Anyway, I'm totally tempted to call in sick. I have a few sick hours that I'd like to use LOL. I can never fake a good sick nasally voice though (even when I really am sick! lol and they never believe me until I come back to work and I've lost half of my voice). I barely ever call in sick so maybe, just maybe I will.

Sorry for the long rant! On the brighter side, it was my friend's birthday yesterday and we took her out to dinner today and had a blast! We went to dinner at Pasta Pomodoro. I love their free bread and pesto dip!!!! If I could go in just for that, I would cuz I didn't really like the pasta that I had. It was alright, but I could've made better myself lol. Anywho, I'm going to stop beating around the bush and get some shut eye. LaTeR mY pEePs. PeAcE. (haha jk)


Yellow Fever said...

lol did you call in sick? I used to do it a lot at my old job because I had 10 sick days to use. oh yes, i do work at a vet/groomers! hope your training monday went well-Mondays are the worst!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Did NYX change their lipgloss packaging? But yes, $2.50 is a steal. There's this one shop by my house that sells them for $2 each!

Anne said...

I pre-ordered the brushes as well and the MUA that helped me said they'll charge my card the the week it comes out (days before the product comes out). So the MUA should've told you that.

But I asked my Nordies counter and they said you can pick up your stuff tomorrow if you pre-ordered it. I'm actually going to return the brushes as well because I have enough as it is. Nordies has a pretty good return policy so you should be able to returns the one you changed your mind about.

Alyssa said...

I'm loving the colors of your lipglosses! :) I doubt I will buy it after you mentioned it smelled. I'm very sensitive to smell.

jie jie said...

What a steal on those nyx! Were they on sale or just regular price?

Last year nordies just held my items when I pre-ordered. They said they would charge it once I picked up my stuffs. I kind of want the brush set with the foundation brush, but then again, I don't need it.

Calling in sick is hard! Even when I'm sick, I worry I might not sound convincing enough.

Tammy M said...

I hate Mondays too! Booo!
I love Black Ore, it was the first full sized pigment I ever got from MAC, now it feels like I am on a roll, hehe.
Some people say its hard to use, but I have no issues!

Katy said...

I always thought that NYX lipsticks had no staying power.. never tried the lip glosses though. Guess those are next on my list. ;)

Shen said...

i'm loving NYX! i wish they are availabl here in manila.. bugger!

them using your card is really unlawful. there should have been consent.. tsk! tsk!

i absent myself a lot.. i hate rainy days (it's rainy season here now) and i just love staying in bed.. sigH!

Trangster said...

I guess, those l/g are gorgeous! The pink one in the middle seems to look the best.

Hope you get your order problem fix soon, can't wait to see what you bought =]

Askmewhats said...

no worries about the rant, i rant every Sunday night too as I hate mOndays because of the weekly monday meetings which of course..meant..more work! LOL have a great week ahead

One Eighteen said...

cute face

oh yea youre blog is cool too lol


xoxo Jaimie said...

That ballerina pink looks gorgeous! I have to get that, thanks for the post!