Monday, June 9, 2008

NYX Lipliner & Eyeliner Swatches!

I LOVE NYX lipliners! Forget MAC's $12.50 lip pencil cuz these are only $1 and they're crazy long! They'll last a lifetime and then some! And at Cherry Culture they're on sale! Buy one get one free. So they're really only 50 cents. Hello? HELL YEAH BABY!

I'm not too fond of the eyeliners. The long ones aren't as creamy as the regular ones. I also find that these are hard to use over eye shadow... Like once you're done doing your eye makeup and you want to line them, it doesn't really glide on as easily as a gel liner. In fact, it's kinda hard to get them on there at all unless you have bare eyes with no shadow on... And even with that, the liners tug a little... Maybe it's just me. Does anyone else have problems with the NYX eyeliners?

My loooooves--Lipliners
Plush Red is more of a cool toned red. It's a little misleading on the website.


Anywho, yesterday, I was thinking about how Mai said that she buys stuff to vent when she's mad, and I realized that I end up buying stuff when I'm bored or have been sitting at home for most of the day and I just need to DO SOMETHING lol... (When I'm really mad, I get things pierced) But I only buy things when no one is watching so my boyfriend can't catch me spending anymore money. The only thing that makes me feel guilty (besides all the money I spend) is when the damn packages arrive! LOL cuz then everyone sees just how much stuff I freaking order and I feel sooooo incredibly guilty like I'm a makeup whore and cannot stop buying stuff! One of my best friends said that when I like something, I REALLY like it and I go out and buy like 10 of the same thing in different colors or whatever. So now, I wait for my packages to come and quietly sneak them in and jumble them with the rest of my makeup so you can't really notice them at all... I even know what time the mail man comes by everyday. And another thing! My mail man is super nice! I hope he doesn't think I'm a spoiled brat every time he has to drop off another one of my packages. Gah I'm so pathetic! Do any of you ever feel this way? Lol or am I the only one? :(


Grayburn said...

Oh I want all of these as well!

So glad to have found your blog and I've just added a link to you as well :)


nywele said...

hehehe. You're not the only one. Hello retail therapy! I buy make-up when I feel depressed, down or stressed out! I always think in terms of going out. I am not a club person so instead of going to the club spending $20 on entrance fee or $10 if you're on the guest list, drinks, can easily spend $50-60 a night..well, I get to use my make-up for more days!!

another thing I love massages! No wonder i am always whipping massage oils. but instead of having a 90 minute massage at $100 plus tip, I buy products that i get to use longer..

plus, let's be real. We're still young,(for some of us single), no kids..this is the only time we can afford to go crazy like that. As long as bills are being paid, let's please ourselves:)

Katrina said...

See I can't shop when I'm mad or depressed because then I just get more mad/sad because I spent money on more things I don't really need. I shop when I'm happy, if I'm not in a good mood I can't enjoy it.

Yellow Fever said...

omg! lol i totally do that too! i'm glad i'm not the only one. I find myself shopping a lot whenever i'm on a strict diet (which is like always) b/c it stresses me out! i agree with nywele though- as long as ur okay financially, go ahead and spend cuz you only live once!!

Anonymous said...

everytime something new comes out, i HAVE to have it. like the iphone and now i want the NEW iphone. or when i used to take out $500-$1400 to go shopping. then i'd just give money away to my baby brother. lol. i felt like if i had money, i had to spend it. then i'd want to give it to my friends. i have so much makeup and am making myself use it. a few month ago, i had too much makeup that i didn't use and i gave it away to my mom and sister. so now i only buy stuff i will use! i still feel bad every now and then when i buy something and i'm like, "Why did i buy something else if i just bought makeup the day before and they day before that?" i feel like i really don't think when i buy something. i'm just like, "ooooooooh, i want it. i HAVE to have it." then after i click submit, i'm like, "Oh, i shouldn't have bought it..." sometimes i feel bad but for the most part, i don't think my makeup is going to waste, cause i give it away to my mom/sister. on the other hand, i've seen TONS of people that have drawers and drawers of makeup that haven't even been opened. i mean, lipsticks and eyeshadows that haven't even been touched. i'm not talking about anyone in our blogger community, but i saw this one girl that had sooooooo much makeup and it's sad cause i'm more than 90 percent sure that she hasn't even used anyting more than once. i bet she had more than 50 eyeliners/lipliners and etc. her collection looked like a store. i think she mainly bought her makeup to do reviews on them but that's not enough for me to just go out and spend my money. that's just crazy!!!!! lol.

Anonymous said...

the thing is, i'm REALLY good at paying my bills and managing money. it's just the money that i have left over that i want to spend. hehe. i'm paying bills tonight and probably won't be buying anything for a few weeks! i really don't plan on getting anything else but the mac brushes and maybe some of the eyeshadows from mac that are about to come out. hehe. but that's it! i mean, i think so!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

hahaha. i buy stuff when i'm bored too OR when i'm stressed out, but not when i'm angry. i don't feel bad when i get my mail... but i think the mailman thinks, "HOLY CRAP this girl buys EVERYTHING online!" LOLOL. and honestly, I buy MOST of my stuff online. weird, I know. most people are afraid of online shopping, but i like it better. LOL. :)

Ahleessa said...

Whenever friends come over, they're shocked by the amount of makeup I have. They consistently telling me not to buy makeup I stopped telling people what I have been buying. If you ever look at my blogs, I don't really tell the makeups (not nail polishes and brushes) I have gotten. I have friends who log on and check out my blogs... lol~ :X Then again I need to stop buying but it's so hard!!! :( I need help... lol~

missxxmai said...

buy one get one free?! that's where they always catch us! too bad i'm not really into lipliners. i keep saying i'm going to lay low, but (for example) i went to the mall today and bought stuff. it's all good though! =)

i like the moss eyeliner, but too bad they don't really go on after eyeshadow. i really like the milani ones! those are the BEST =D

i feel guilty too! especially when i know that i could have used that money for something ELSE. but then i lovee the fact that i have all the makeup =)

so do you plan on showing us your collection? i like to look at people's collection!

missxxmai said...

you should get a cbox!

missxxmai said...

it's just a lot easier to talk sometimes! ya know? LOL

Anonymous said...

oh HAVE to know new kids on the block!!!!! lol. did you get to exchange the brush from mac?

jewels said...

lol actually i know when my credit card bill should come.

I don't really order that many stuff online. since i like the see the product it self.

i am more a clothes buyer than a makeup buyer. lol i guess both are as bad ...since it involves spending.

ladyjane said...

Haha. I sure feel guilty when I see those boxes arrive. But I feel especially guilty when I get the bill lol. My dad would freak when he sees all the collected packages. But I LOVE getting stuff through the mail cause it really does feel like Christmas all year round ;)