Sunday, June 15, 2008

Joppa Minerals Haul

Happy Father's Day!

Anywho, I got some of their foundation, bronzer, and concealer samples. Right now they're having a 6 piece sample kit for 1 cent... So it's basically free. You just have to pay for shipping. (Everyday Minerals also has a free sample kit!) So I decided to try it out. Here are some of the shades I got:

Foundation: Full Coverage Medium #2 and Full Coverage Medium #3
Finishing Powder: Sheer
Concealer: Medium
Bronzer: Bahama Bronze, Caribbean, Glowing

I've been using this for a few days and I feel like Medium #2 might be borderline too light for me... But I feel like it could also work.. Medium #3 is slightly too dark and orangey on me... It looks like I just came back from a killer vacation or the tanning booth. Both the foundations I got are in the full coverage finish and these definitely have awesome coverage--way better than I had expected!

I also love the Bahama Bronzer! It gives you a nice bronzy tan look with a lot of shimmer so when the sun hits it, it makes your face look nice and glowy. The Caribbean Bronzer and the Glowing Bronzers were nice too, but glowing is a little too light for my skin tone. It'd be great for people with fairer skin tones.


Nanzy said...

ooo I love Bahama Bronzer, it's gorgeous! :D enjoy!

erica said...

i ordered one of their sample kits last week, and it came in on friday =] lol
i got the foundation in medium 2 and medium 1. same with you, i think medium 2 works but can be a bit light at times. i haven't tried medium 1 yet, but i think its going to be too light lol
i also got a carribean and back from the beach sample! haha i haven't tried them yet tho =]

Alyssa said...

I hope you do a review of the mineral foundations you've gotten. I've been testing out the different mineral companies to see which foundation I like the best on me. How would you compare this to Everyday Mineral?

Lily said...

Erica: I think I put too much of Medium #2 on today and it looked a little orangey... but I did put like WAY too much hahaha. it seems to be okay now though.

erica said...

oh yeah, in my jar, it looks kinda too tanned/orangey, but when I tried ito n my skin yesterday, it looked alright. but when I was looking at the mirror, my neck looked yellow compared to my face (i did put some foundation on my neck too though o.o lol)

Distinque said...

ooo That's an awesome deal for foundation!

jie jie said...

Lily! You sweet sweet sweet child, must you tempt me so? Broke my no-buy again, it's only a penny right? It's also for a limited time right? It's okay, please tell me it's okay. I should really set up punishments for myself.

Gee said...

Nice haul!! Do a full review later b/c I've been thinking about buying some stuff from them.

I'd be more than happy to add you! :)

I can only use waterproof mascara b/c the regular formula won't hold my curl. My lashes point straight down, lol, so I definitely need it to hold my curl.

You should try that Lumene makeup remover! It swipes off waterproof in a sinch! :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

I couldn't find a match that I liked in their line unfortunately. :P Plus, I wasn't too crazy about their finish... and I noticed that their Full Coverage has that maskey whiteish affect when you take pictures, which is a big turn off for me as well. :( which was sad, because i wanted to like this foundation. HOWEVER, i can say that my skin likes the ingredients as far as not breaking me out and actually maybe even helping clear out a few pimples that i had. so that was a plus. i still prefer my buff'd over joppa though... i still have yet to find a foundation that makes me second guess my buff'd. LOL. :) anyway, i hope you find a good match and that you have better luck with your foundies than i do! :)

Vanessa said...

HAHA I had the same problem, Medium #2 was too light, and then Medium #3 was a but dark on me too, but the coverage is amazing! So I ended up going with Fyrinnae's mineral foundation instead since it suited me better than Joppa. :(

As for the capsules, I only used one, and I even have long hair, but I am thinking I should use two, I am just scared it might get too oily looking or sticky!

eBeautyBlog said...

Nice. I haven't try any other mineral product beside Bare Mineral. Have you ever try BM? if so, how is it compare to Joppa?

Fabu-less Beauty said...

I have to try out these samples once I'm past my no-buy period. What's your shade in MAC foundations?