Sunday, May 4, 2008

stowaways quad

Eyes: Stowaway Quad
Base: Bei-jing Shadestick
Lower lash line: Engraved powerpoint pencil
All over lid: Ricepaper and Awash
Inner lid: Crest the wave
Outer lid: Sea-Cadet
Crease: Satin Taupe

Here is a FOTD I did using the stowaways quad from the Naughty Nauticals collection. I think it's definitely a neutral enough look for everyday school and work. I'm only showing my eyes since my cheeks are still swollen from two days ago when I got my bottom wisdom teeth out. One side is totally fine and the other is super swollen. My dentist didn't put me to sleep so I was awake the whole time. It wasn't too bad though since I was completely numb. It's something I wouldn't mind doing again if I had to (and yes, I do still have to get my top wisdom teeth out when they're ready) so there's nothing to fear ladies if you haven't gotten them out yet. I was supposed to get mine out 2 years ago, but I've been pushing it off until now. I also heard that the recovery process is way faster if you weren't put to sleep during the extraction. I wanted to be put to sleep, but my dentist told me that she doesn't do that. I guess I lucked out anyway.

By the way, MAC is offering free shipping with any purchase until midnight EST Saturday, May 11th, 2008. The code for that is NAUGHTY.

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