Monday, May 26, 2008

Product Review: MAC Wipes

Product: MAC Wipes
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5
Price: $16 for 45 sheets and $24.50 for 100 sheets
Would you buy this again? No

PROS: This takes does its job and removes makeup very well. I also like how the packaging comes with a plastic top that clicks to close to prevent the sheets from drying out. These may also seem expensive, but if you buy the 100 sheet pack, it's really not. Neutrogena sells a 25 sheet pack for $7-9 so 100 sheets for $24.50 is really not that bad.

CONS: These are alcohol free, but they sting my face. (I have really dry and sensitive skin though). If I use these to remove my makeup at night, I usually wake up with a whole bunch of tiny red dots on my face so I wouldn't recommend this for people with dry or sensitive skin. They also sting around my eye area. I also couldn't find if these are eye safe or not because the packaging doesn't say (neither does the website) so I wouldn't use them continually on the eyes if I were you. These also feel a tiny bit greasy after you remove your makeup. I noticed it more on my hands as I was holding the sheet though rather than on my face.

These are also the wipes that MAC stores have for customers to use to wipe off any makeup from your hands or face so you can try them out before buying them. I'd definitely recommend trying them on your face because I used to always use these for removing makeup swatches on my hands and thought they were great but never on my face.


nywele said...

I used to use MAC wipes for the longest time and funny enough, I like the smell. Until one day i was broke and i used Target wipes which did the job. Since then, I use Target wipes to remove make-up and spend the $25 on eyeshadows :)

Anonymous said...

you should buy the everyday minerals face wipes. i'm doing a review on it tomorrow, actually. 80 sheets for only 3.75!!! and the smell is yummy. i haven't had any problems with them and it doesn't make my skin dry. maybe you will react better with them since they're supposed to be good for you and it's made by a mineral company.