Sunday, April 27, 2008

Itty Bitty Haul

My tiny haul that cost an arm... Heh :)

You know, I don't know if I really like the studio moisture fix... It smells horrible, but it feels so good on my skin! I do already have another moisturizer that I love (Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing lotion) though... I just couldn't resist :)

I figured it was time for some new foundation. I used to use studio tech, but that dried out my face like no other, sooooo I got some liquid foundation this time. I have naturally red cheeks (like I'm wearing blush ALL THE TIME all up and down my cheeks) and I hate it! But this is a GREAT foundation for covering up things like that. So yay!

I also chose to get the 187 brush because I can use it for more than just applying foundation. It works great for all powders too like blush and bronzer.

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Anonymous said...

how does the brush work to apply your liquid foundation? do you also use it for the powder foundation. i wanted to do that but i'm scared that the brush will still be too wet and get stuck to the mineral foundation if i share the same brush. i read online that some people use their brush to do their liquid foundation, dry foundation, and blush. i just didn't know if it would cause build up on the brush. i found an alternative to the mac 187. lol. i'm gonna get my other brush in a few days, hopefully. i hope it's as good as the 187.