Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hi Bellas

I've been away for a long time, I know! I just got back from Philadelphia and I'm having withdrawal symptoms. The love of my life (who has no idea yet) is there haha. I've been posting more on my personal blog, but I had to take the link off due to a certain psycho somebody that I actually know in person. But for now, I'M BACK so are you ready for me, bitches??

I went a little lash crazy & bought 40 pairs of lashes on ebay from THIS seller, although it doesn't seem like they sell lashes anymore. It cost about $8 including shipping, but some of the lashes arrived a little bent out of shape, but it's okay cuz each box has 10 pairs.


Askmewhats said...

wow.that's a whole lot of lashes!!!!

Jenna said...

Welcome backs!!
I love the eyelashes from ebay. There so cheap. One pair loast over a week. and very easy to put on.
Yeah i know what u mean by some were bent when u got them. Some of mine were like that as well =(
Im going to korea in Jan so Im gonna bulk up on false lashes =)

Sarah said...

Ohhh what a great buy!!! You will have so much fun with these little babies :)

JustJenny said...

i was thinking of buying the bulk boxes of lashes from ebay, but i hate the hassle of waiting for the package not knowing what they will look like.
But after this post i might reconsider considering the price :)

Mrs.Zeus said...

Yes, Yes I miss you!!!
And twit more often also.... I feel so alone in twitter world lately that I think twice before twitting. lol

That is alot of lashes!!!

I havent mastered putting them on just yet, I get so lazy to practice.

Lisa said...

I'm happy you're back :D

What a nice buy! I always love to buy things in big amounts xD even if I don't know when to use it.. just to have it!