Friday, May 29, 2009

Some MAC pigment swatches

MAC pigment swatches!

Azreal blue, mutiny, blue storm

Pastorale, chartreuse, emerald green

Polished ivory, vanilla, old gold, apricot pink

Jewelmarine, cocomotion


AbcGrrrL said...

Thats a lot of pigments! Which ones are your favorite. Seems like everyone has vanilla pigment cuz its so versatile!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Ohhh I like mutiny, polished ivory, apricot pink and cocomotion!!!

Whats your fave?

Violet Honeybee said...

very pretty!! emerald green looks so nice!! =) Is jewelmarine a glitter? o.o looks really chunky..

you're making me wanna go get an old gold pigment!! haha

Lily said...

hmm.. i think my favorites are vanilla, cocomotion, and emerald green.

yep, jewelmarine is a glitter :)

mzkrystall said...

oOO thats alot of swatches! i love em all!

sanniet said...

omg that apricot pink is so cute!!! i don't own any mac pigments except melon I believe

§weet Gunner said...

Could you recomend some nice online stores to buy MAC? With international delivery?

Loved your blog! :)