Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sacred Heart (neon) and Lubu Heels

I finally made use of my Sally's $5 coupon and picked up some more China Glaze nail polishes before the month of March was over. There are a few more I want to get, but they don't carry the colors in the store so I might have to get them online. The only thing I don't like about getting them online is the shipping fee.

2 coats on Sacred Heart (top)
3 coats on Lubu Heels (bottom)

Sally's is having a buy 2 get 1 free on all nailpolishes this month so of course I'm going to stop by later today. I'm thinking of having a nail art contest, so maybe that'll be the prize.


Mrs.Zeus said...

Love the Lubu heels!!!!
Im getting one, thanks for showing us!

Amina said...

i am not a nail person but sacred heart (the red) is hoooooooooot

Ahleessa said...

Nice haul! :)

ko0ty said...

I love the darker shade because it has a little glitter to it!

Vanessa M. said...

omg lubu heel <3333

ladystarr said...

thanks for the tip about sallys! i have a $5 coupon too!