Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tutorial: Contouring

Here is a great contouring guide:

Step 1: Start with the dark shade using an angled brush

Step 2: Make a fish face and fill in the hollows of your cheeks

Step 3: Contour the temples of your head

Step 4: Contour your lower jaw bone

Step 5: Using a smaller brush, contour the sides of your nose to give it more definition

Step 6: Using your brush, pick up the highlighting shade

Step 7: Highlight your cheekbones

Step 8: Highlight your nose bone

Step 9: Highlight your chin

TADA! Now you have a nicely sculpted face :)


Mrs.Zeus said...

Nice, thanks for the tutorial!
Pacific catch, what kind of restaurant is it?
Yeah, I love Haight st do you recommend any store in particular?

fuzkittie said...

Nice tut! It looks really great on ya~

Amina said...

thank you for the tutorial.
I'll replicate watching this step by step..
omg your hair is soo thick!! I looove it!!

jeSmakeup said...

i dont get wut it does? i tried to conture my cheeks befoer but it didnt look too right n i read that with my face shape i dont need to cuz its already there.. but wut does the highligthin do?

Askmewhats said...

great tut, I love your skiN :)

Lily said...

jeSmakeup: the highlighter makes your skin pop. so if you put it on your cheekbones, it makes your cheekbones pop. you can put it anywhere the sun hits your face.

Anonymous said...

hey lily! i miss you lots too! i'm gonna try to update more since i'm out of school. i'm just being lazy right now. i'm gonna try to do a review tomorrow or soon. hehe.

Vanessa M. said...

so simple! thanx!