Thursday, December 18, 2008

I know what I want!!!

The boyfriend wants this $300 pack of Jordans for Christmas and we're going to the mall to pay for the pre-order. (Or I mean, I'm going to pay for them lol).

He's been asking me what I want for Christmas and I finally found some things that I want! I was gonna settle with either a Coach or Juicy Couture purse, but honestly I don't know if I can see myself wearing those brands. It takes me back to say... middle school and little teenage girls. Coach does have some new decent bags though that don't have the signature "C" all over them that are kinda cute. I'm not much of a logo fan unless it's LV cuz their monogram is hawwwt. All the bags I want are $1000+ and I'd feel so damn guilty if the boyfriend ever spent that much money on me.

So I chose some presents that I wanted and we just ordered them. This is so much better than being surprised! Haha

Tongue Tied Handbag
I love the flap over the bag and the handle!!!

Amour de Paris Necklace
Paris necklace. I think I bought the same exact one for one of my ex-friends a year or two ago for her birthday... Can't remember!

Miss Me Monet Brown Studded Boots
Studded boots!!!!

Bamboo Knotty Toe Flats
Simple knotted flats. Perfect for work, school, playyyy :)

Paris Hilton Destiny Metallic Pump
Paris is such a ditz, but these heels are undeniably hot

EYE CANDY *drool*
LV Speedy
Total orgasm in a bag

Balenciaga Motorcycle <3

Chloe Paddington Capsule

My first love, MJ Stam


fuzkittie said...

Wow I love the last bag! The first bag is totally adorable~~ And I love large bags.

spankedelic said...

i love louis vuitton. they're so classic and NEVER go out of style. i agree with coach. some of their styles are good but the C logo does get annoying. some people like seeing logos on their stuff, though. my mom bought herself the Lv speedy 25 a while back. she was gonna buy me one in vegas but they only had the speedy 30 which she said was tooooo big. so yeah, i'm just gonna wait to find one i like! hope you get what you want!

Mrs.Zeus said...

ohhh lala!
Whats up with those rubber shoes being $300-lols
Actually I pre ordered 'em too for my man. I love those studded boots, I am trying to DIY mine.

Amina said...

i looove the flats

Askmewhats said...

I love everything thats on your wish list, I love bags too

Tia said...

Hey girl, I love drooling over all these clothes and accessories pictures thatyou have on your page! You have great fashion taste! I agree with how you feel about Coach and Juicy! You can never go wrong with LV or Gucci, cuz some don't come in logo =)

I was hoping to see a pic of the Jordans that you got for your man, my man LOVES em too! Have a wonderful holiday!

Ahleessa said...

I can't wait to see what your boyfriend gets you... hehe~

AnneNguyen said...

I love the balenciaga. Not a big fan of the speedy or the lv monogram..hahaha. I hate juicy couture too its ugly! But coach is okay =D I hope u get the balenciaga!!

Grayburn said...

So nice to go shopping with credit :) That bag looks great and the metallic pumps look smoking!

Hope you have a wonderful x'mas with your friends & family!

x Grayburn

Leesah said...

How cute! I'm all over LV! But damn.. the price for a damn bag is crazy!!

ko0ty said...

I love those brown boots! I also love Balenciaga bags except I can't afford any of them.

I'm the opposite of you though, I don't like the LV monogram!! Probably because soo many little girls around here carry fake LV bags. It's so annoying and such a turn off.