Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Anywho, this was a sudden splurge, but I couldn't resist cuz of all the raves it has been getting. (Plus the cute packaging it has!) I want to use these for contouring. As much as I love my MAC sculpt and shape, I want to see if cream works better for contouring. and I want to see if I can use the tinted one as a bronzer cuz I've had a really hard time finding a good bronzer that doesn't make me look orange and fake.

It wasn't much of a splurge though considering each cream was only about $7! Great deal right? And there's free shipping! AND if you enter in E165 you get a free gift! It's the cheapest to get it from Eyeko.com. Cherry Culture sells it but it's $12 there and you have to pay for shipping.


flan_tastic said...

let us know how it goes. I've never used a cream for contouring... never even thought of it!

Also, let us know what the *gift* is. So curious. =)

Titty said...

Have you gotten it yet?

Tell me how it works out for you :)

vivian said...

hey lily! do you know if you can stack discount codes?

FREERUDEGIRL - free manga from eyeko!

Lily said...

I think you can try to... You put the code in a text box so you can try putting in more than one. I guess it's really up to the company to decide if they want to take more than one code. Eyeko seems pretty generous when it comes to giving out free gifts though.

Grayburn said...

I have been tempted by Eyeko also wasn't sure of where to start. Now I know :) Thanks!