Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Thank you to everyone who voted! Remember, our voices count no matter what your stances are. If you have a voice, USE IT. It's never too late to register to vote!

Rest easy--you're in good hands.


fuzkittie said...


jackie said...

when i found out that OBAMA won, man from that moment on i couldnt stop smiling. and i tried so hard not to because we were at dinner with my bf's family and his dad was a mccain supporter. lol. i tried my best to not gloat when all i wanted to do was jump and scream. lol.

i have to say, i couldnt sleep that night because i was so happy and excited for our country...for CHANGE. did you watch his acceptance speech..moving i tell ya! :)

Digital Angel said...

I love his voice alot, I think his voice has unique characteristic which persuades people lol. Maybe cuz he used to be a lawyer. Go obama Go !

Katy said...

I cried when he won.. I'm so proud of you Americans!