Monday, November 24, 2008


Tights. Yay or nay?

Pointelle Knee High Socks

Sparkle Tights

Teal Fashion Tights

Burgundy Chroma Tights

Darcy Pointelle Tights

Sorry I've been a bit MIA. I have a psychology research paper + presentation due soon and that's pretty much eating up all of my time. Plus, I have chemistry homework up the yin yang everyday. Grr!


Amina said...

good luck on your assignments!
Tights are nay for me because i always tear them..but i find them so sexy

fuzkittie said...

yayyyyyy!!!! :D

Grayburn said...

Burgundy ones yay! I love tights absolutely with boots and a cute short something.

x Grayburn

jackie said...

good luck with the studies.
its getting down to crunch time. lol

im digging the burgundy tights.
but am i daring enough to wear them?
hawaii's been chilly lately (my version of chilly) so i could wear them.

i have a stupid question though, whenever i get thigh highs or knee highs, they never stay up. am i abnormal?

Lily said...

Jackie: Mine do that too sometimes... i think it's cuz they stretch out after a while and they just don't stay up lol.

ladystarr said...

i like the pointelle ones!

Ai said...

those tights look schmokin' hot! oohh good luck with all the papers and presentations~