Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Is Palin a RETARD? She's such a ditz! She needs to go back to doing what she does best--being in beauty pageants. Oh, and she couldn't even win a beauty pageant! How does she expect to win one of the biggest competitions of all?

"I can see Russia from my house."
Wow, Governor asswipe, I used to live on RUSSIA AVENUE. Does that make me more qualified to be vice president?

And tell me why she decided to do a shout out to a 3rd grade class during the VP debate?? How inappropriate! The whole thing seemed like a joke to her and she couldn't even answer the questions correctly. She just kept bringing up other topics that were completely out of context, but those were the only things she knew how to defend herself with.

And another thing, her husband is an oil driller! That's the reason why she's soooo pro-drilling. She doesn't give a shit about the environment. Kill all the polar bears for oil! Make them suffer slowly and warm up their home in the mean time. She has no idea what the cause of global warming is when it is CLEARLY caused by HUMANS. Is Alaska a bubble or something? Is that why she's turned out so dumb? Is she just THAT cut off from the rest of the world to live in her own royal castle?

P.S. look up her kids' names! They're ridiculous.

The ONLY thing I can commend her for is that one of her kids is in the army and is shipping out to Iraq because if you've noticed, many senators who are FOR the war do not enlist their kids in the military. They clearly want everyone else's child EXCEPT THEIR OWN to fight for this country.

P.P.S. "The Wife John McCain Callously Left Behind".

I don't mean to offend anyone, but these are my own personal views. Clearly, I cannot stand by this duo. They are going to ruin this country. If McCain dies in office, imagine the DRASTIC change this country will face if god forbid PALIN becomes president. McCain is very smart though. He chose a WOMAN to be his VP. Yes, she is a woman, but she knows nothing. I think he was playing off the fact that so many people voted for Hilary Clinton SOLELY because she is a WOMAN so he chose a female VP. But seriously, couldn't he choose someone that has an IQ higher than a 2 year old?


Katy said...

I totally agree with you on all those points. I'm not American but I'm scared shitless if McCain wins because he's old/sick = PRESIDENT PALIN. Oh god.

fuzkittie said...

My thoughts exactly! I don't want Palin to become president!! She's a woman and a dumb one at that, what a disgrace to the female community, lol.

[zen] said...

My friends and I are pooling money together to buy McCain four years' supply of vitamins if he gets into the office so that he won't die and let Palin rule this country.

I like both pres candidates, but honestly? OBAMA FOR THE WIN! XD

Shen said...

OMG on what if McCain dies... :(

SiMPLY KRiSTEL said...

i have to agree with all ur points. lol @ zens comment, i would too.

Mel said...

When she mentioned the 3rd graders, my roommate and I laughed like crazy! We thought it was so odd, I mean, shouldn't they be sleeping? I mean, when we watched the debates and they were live, it was about 9-10pm. I guess she's trying to appear "human" or "caring".

I really think American Politicians think we're all stupid and we fall for silly things like what they're preaching. I am so scared because people do fall for those things.

Grayburn said...

all the jokes on snl are funny but it's getting to a point that i'm starting to feel sorry for her. maybe that's what she wants..

Vanessa M. said...