Sunday, August 31, 2008

personal challenge

OOOOOK. As much as I want the Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer Palette now that it's IN STOCK again, I'm not going to get it! Grr! Lol. I'm broke as hell from paying for school, textbooks, gas, and food. Not to mention I've only gone to work two times in the past two weeks because I have the first two weeks of work off for school. ANYWHO, I'm going to get the CS palette eventually... But I've made a promise to myself to use every single one of my eye shadows & pigments FIRST before I go out and buy some more since some of them have been so greatly neglected :( Especially my pigments! They're just more inconvenient then pressed eye shadows, but I'm going to use them at least once from now on before I get the palette! Lol. It's ridiculous how much stuff I have that doesn't get used and they're too precious to sell! Lol. I have my MAC palettes, Ben Nye Palette, Two Faced Palette, NYX Trios, Smashbox e/s, Simply Naturals, The She Space, & MAC pigments to get through. Wish me luck!! I think I'm going to make a list of what I have and check it off the day I use them. (Haha, I'm a bit OCD, but I really want to make sure that I make use of what I have before I buy more). At least this means more FOTDs! Maybe even one everyday if my camera taking skills get better...

Don't mind the full face. I didn't have any makeup on except for the eyes.

MAC Prussian e/s
MAC Era e/s
MAC Romping e/s
MAC Shroom e/s

Some days, I have monolids, and what I've noticed when I'm using darker colors is that I only need to put a thin layer of it on. With my other colors, I usually put them all over the lid, but with darker colors, it makes my eyes look smaller and more heavy (like I have panda eyes) so I try not to go too heavy with them. I just apply enough so they give my eyes a pop, but not too much to the point where it ways them down.


Amina said...

are you joining for the probation? lol...I hear ya though!!
MAC hauls become expensive in the long run
that's why i am on beauty probation!!
Especially now that i have 2 train cases and containers!!
i love the pretty!
i did good ..i got nothing from cult of cherry

Digital Angel said...

I feel the same way, I have many eyeshadow or any makeup products that I didn't even open yet. So I decided to not to buy any eyeshadow for while. So, how's school going ? I know it's been so hectic to me :) Cheer up ! Your skin looks so flawless, you don't need face makeup :)

Askmewhats said...

ohh sis, i love your skin! and i love your eye make up!!!! You have really nice skin!

Alyssa said...

I love your smile! :) I can't wait to see more looks with that cute smile that can bright up a room.

I know how you feel about makeup. I just ordered some more from the 75% off Hard Candy, and that's it. I keep buying and hardly using any. My thinking is jacked up I'm telling you... lol~ I keep buying stuff because it's on sale, and I believe it'll never be that good again so I should buy now than regret later *sigh*. :/

jie jie said...

gotta post your collection soon! if you stare at it long enough, like while organizing it, you realize you have a lot that needs using up. kinda helps to forget the lemmings. and once you start your no-buy, it gets easier to discipline yourself. gotta stay away from makeupalley or hate to say this, but beauty blogs. then when you have that control back, it'll be easier to deal with temptations. goodluck!

Adriyah said...

Hi! :D I know what you mean by spending too much on make up. and as amina said, I'm also on beauty probation and try not to buy anymore make up unless it was a gift. haha! :)

Grayburn said...

Hey, thanks for your supportive words lily. I felt quite invaded especially since so many other people are affected.

You have really good skin..I don't think you ever need to use foundation do you!

:) Grayburn

fuzkittie said...

Agree with Jie! You should post all your stuff! Hahaha.