Friday, August 1, 2008

Non-makeup related

The coworkers and I checked out the museum across the street from us today. It's called the de-Young Museum and it's basically an art museum. They had a special exhibit by Dave Chihuly which I thought was AMAZING. He specializes in glass blowing and a lot of his work is influenced by the sea and sea creatures. See if you can find any connections :) All the pieces were within arms reach and were HUGE. None of them were encased which really had the security on their toes.

The neon forest

The purple that you see is actually an illegal substance in the US so Chihuly made this in Finland. Once it's blown into glass, it's no longer toxic.

Japanese floating boats.

Each piece of glass is supposed to float

Hanging chandelier

Another hanging chandelier

Can you guess where else you've seen this? The Bellagio in Las Vegas of course!

These are on the ceiling

Chihuly's paintings. He had a huge team to help him blow glass since it can't be done by one person and because he lost his eye sight when he was 34 years old in a car accident. (He wears an eye patch!)

Black glass. One of the hardest colors to work with.

The garden


Alyssa said...

So pretty! :) I love the beautiful colors.

Amina said...

i love museums!

Anonymous said...

that is so cool looking!!! i love the bright colors

Askmewhats said...

I have seen a photo gallery that has those colors you've shown!!! me and my hubby loved it so much we posed like crazy and took shots of it! :)

farrah said...

i love the glasswork! i would have gotten pieces like that to put all around my new apartment but had to shelve it with the baby coming :D

Nanzy said...

oh wow .... thats like color vomit! sooo pretty... i could use them for EOTDs inspiration heheheheh

Grayburn said...

Wow these are amazing! I love the randomness of it all.


Imee said...

that looks so good! i can't get over it. too bad there isnt one near LA. but i have seen the display in vegas =)

LadyJane said...

What an amazing gallery! I really enjoy looking at blown glass. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could visit the museum :(

christy. said...

i loveeeee those glass sculptures(?) i've seen this guy do it in Italy and it was oh so amazing. esp. the colors. <33

SiMPLY KRiSTEL said...