Thursday, June 26, 2008

Product Review: L'oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base

Product: L'oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5
Price: $6-8
Would you buy this again? Probably not

PROS: Conveniently comes in a clear tube so you can see how much product you have left. It's easy to apply and is more creamy than it is watery. It's super cheap compared to Urban Decay's Primer Potion and I think it's a bit thicker in consistency.

CONS: It creased on me after a few hours :( I don't know if the product in my tube was dried out or if it's supposed to have a dry chalky consistency. If you're looking for something fast to use for a short amount of time, this could be it, but I wouldn't use it for long days where I need my eye shadow to stay put.


Anywho, I'm back from my camping trip a day early... My co-workers and I were camping around Northern Cali (around Santa Rosa/Calistoga) and we had to come back because there's been TONS of wildfires lately and all we've been breathing in is smoke. During the day, all you see is this hazy smoke way off in the horizon lol. It's even worse in the morning. I thought it was fog until the sun came out and it never cleared up!! We knew something was up the first night we got there because everyone with asthma started having problems... But even though we left early, it was still fun and we made the best of it :D There were about 30 of us in one little house so it was crazy! We also got to go to an observatory and look at stars and planets! We saw Jupiter & Saturn and a whole bunch of constellations.

The boyfriend and I are okay. We worked things out (thank God lol). I'm going to LA next month and I haven't a CLUE what to do there. I don't want to go to Disneyland or Universal Studios since the lines for the rides are so dang long! Anyone have any ideas?


nywele said...

I've used it in the past and hated it too!! I actually returned it.
I got one that was pinkish/plum...

Katrina said...

The observatory sounds fun, but I'm a total space geek. I remember when we had a fire near here, there was ashes raining down from a grey sky. It looked like grey snow. Not so much fun.

I'm glad things are working out between you and your boyfriend again!

Thanks for the suggestion for the dresses.

Alyssa said...

I'm glad you did a review on the L'oreal de-crease eye shadow base. I had a feeling it wouldn't work for my oily eyelids.

I'm glad everything worked out with your boyfriend! :)

Anne said...

ooooh you gon be in our neck of the woods. I would go to Disneyland since they have that new Toy Story Ride. My friend went on it and he said it was pretty cool. Iunno about Universal Studios cuz they have like 5 rides there. Umm... Santa Monica Pier and walk around 3rd Street Promenade. I believe they have a MAC store and a PRO store (I'm not sure if they have both but they do have a MAC store there. Iunno why they'll have two if they do, but yea). There's Topanga Mall as well, but that's in the valley. It just opened up like a year ago?? REALLY huge and nice. They have a MAC store there too. LOL. Go clubbing in Hollywood, check out the Body Worlds exhibit in the CA science center, Six Flags, depends on how long you're staying. It's mostly shopping and eating you can really do down here, and I guess clubbing. But ya, that's all I got for now. Just e-mail me if you have any questions LOL.

by the way, i used de-crease too and didnt like it. so back it went to store.

Lily said...

Anne: Body worlds!!!!! I so want to check that out!!!!!!!

eBeautyBlog said...

Glad things are working out between you and ur love :)

Anne has some great suggestions there. I really wanna check out the Body Worlds exhibit too. Sounds creepy though.

Stephy said...

wow so i guess this product sux heh? i was gonna buy it online or sth but now i guess i should just save my money and get too faced's eyeshadow insurance or sth!

jie jie said...

Glad to hear you and the bf worked it out! Stargazing sounds a lot of fun.

Decrease didn't wow me too. Bummer.. it would've been a nice and cheap dupe.

Alyssa said...

Well if you go to see the Body World, go check out IMAX right next door.

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the review on the L'oreal De-crease, now, i'm confused again. well i guess i have to read more reviews and see if I needed to give this baby a test or not. Its not easy as I have to ask a friend to help me buy :)

N a b i said...

Ohhh, I have De-Crease also, To me, it works pretty well, my skin around my eyes are pretty dry so it hardly gets oily, I have no idea cuz I have single lid or something, (I heard single lid hardly get oily on eyes) It works pretty good to me ;)

farrah said...

oh yay! i'm so glad that you and your boyfriend are working it out! thanks for ur comment on my blog about the wipes i'm definately ordering them now :)